Clevenard Booking & Tourism Services is a marketing company that focuses on marketing adventures globally. We are working to become the world’s leading independent online booking and information distribution platform, powering the tourism, cultural, hospitality, educational, leisure, businesses, agencies, and travel industries.

Our vision

To help you manage and book your tour activities effectively So you can keep focusing on your operations, and holiday, and have more time to work on your growth.

Our Mission

We are to connect you to more global and local distribution channels than anyone else in the industry, from hotel, events, travel agencies, and tourist destinations, even to other services and activity providers in your area and globally.

How easy

We At Clevenard Booking & Tourism Services have just made the booking process incredibly efficient and easy for our customers, so it sets up a really positive start to your experience with us.

Tell us what you want to do or to see

Find and discover new attractions and experiences to match your interests and travel/holiday needs.


Wherever you plan to visit or whatever you want to do, Clevenard Booking & Tourism Services makes it easy and supports you with 24/7 customer support.